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Living with Dementia

Living with dementia is not a visualization we often think about, especially if we have never seen or experienced the ravages of what this debilitating disease can do to a mom or dad, an aunt, or dear friend.

Most people don’t know that dementia begins destroying the brain decades before any cognitive decline is ever noticed. But, the things we do in our life on a daily basis can S-L-O-W the disease progression- OR PREVENT it.

Today’s blog is my experience as I went through Dementia Live to feel what it might be like to live with dementia on a daily basis. While I could never really know how it feels- it is experiences like these that bring us greater awareness and empathy for those who live daily alongside this disease.

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Tips for Living with Health & Wholeness

Maintaining health is a hope I often hear from clients when practicing as a Nurse Coach.  When I ask the question, “What does health mean to you?”, I hear replies like, “feel energetic”, “have a clearer mind with more focus”, “be free from disease”, “do the things I want to”, “be strong for my family”, “be a good weight for my frame”, “eat the right foods”, and the variety of comments go on and on, because each of us will have a different version of what health means, and really, even in illness, we can find health.

Well said, and here are some tips to bring attention to your wholeness, for we are more than just physical bodies- we are minds, spirits, emotions, connections, our environments and more.

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